WordPress and how it made my life a lot easier

October 10, 2016

When I first created my website it was when I searched for an internship for my multimedia designer education, and it shows.
Having fallen in love with the bootstrap framework, I chose one of the many templates which were available called “freelancer” and after some customizations, it worked fine for me.
But after I graduated, I had trouble keeping my site up to date, because the process was tedious and time-consuming, which did not make it easy to send it with applications for jobs, and I quickly fixed the problem and went on with my life, dreading the next time I had to update the abomination of a website which I had created.
After some time I came to the conclusion that I needed a new and better site, with the ability to quickly be edited and not having to return to the hard code for editorial work.
Since I was introduced to WordPress during my time at the school, it would have made perfect sense to return to the CMS system, BUT after many troubles coding with the system during school projects I had sworn never to return to it again.

The Return to WordPress

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But WordPress have some nice features as the big group of people who already are experts in the system and the many plugins are available as well.
After some research, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted an easier site to upload my content, then I needed a CMS system and I wasn’t going to build it on my own.
Wordpress was accessible, I already knew some of the features and I just needed to find a way to unlock the rest.
I returned to my beloved bootstrap framework and started building a UI upon which I could inject my WordPress system.
2 plugins which really helped me a great deal were:

“Custom Post Type UI” – to separate post from my works page and post for the blog.
and “Advanced Custom Fields” – which help me achieve the goal I sat when I started on my new site – to make it easier to upload and edit my work and adapt to the different kind of work, whether it was a video instead of image or the amount of images which were avaliable.

So after a lot of browsing for WordPress solutions, some prototyping of designs and a bit of procrastination, I finally have a new working site, which I can evolve and keep up to date.

Future of the site

This is a site that was built to last, whether or not the design will remain the same is unknown, but the form and the way I can manipulate WordPress with my plugins stay the same.
And the content of this blog will probably become “neat things” I find on the web, as well as small projects which I won’t include on my works page.
I look forward to sharing my work and finding with those who might be interested and hopefully someone might find my findings intriguing.